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Airfix Blenheim MkI

Post by Harry Bone » Sun Jul 02, 2017 5:39 pm

The Blenheim I've been toying with for a year & a half or so has made a reappearance on my bench lately, I'm pushing for a finish on this one. Anyway, here's a rapid synopsis of the work to date, Previously, on Harry's Blenheim...ImageImageImage
I didn't go crazy on the office this time, but the walls looked rather bare so I added some stringers & formers from styrene strip & stretched sprue. I'm not a fan of Airfix's instrument panel transfers they provide, so I added some relief using fuse wire for the instument bezels & added the instrument backs with slices of rod. I also modified the seat pan, scooping it out & adding a new bottom to it with 10 thou styrene. Have to say it all looks a bit pony in these shots; the zoom on my phone can be so cruel. Think it all looks the part in the flesh, though.

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