miniatures at the Mall

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miniatures at the Mall

Post by Eric Sanger » Fri Sep 22, 2017 6:20 pm

the Mall Gallery - home of the Aviation Artists Exhibition - has a new show running, 21/09-1/10 by the society of Miniature artists and Engravers. if you like modelling small scale models, especially figures, then this could prove useful. Usually there are artists giving demo.s and it's worth while picking their brains forthings such as brush sizes to use, optical accessories and paint mediums. this year they have some very good military subjects; in addition look at the portraits to see how many different ways you can paint a face. the sculptures are also very good.
the exhibition is open 10am-5pm every day except for the last day when it closes at 1pm.
if nothing else you'll enjoy viewing some "proper art" - none of that abstract modern c**p you usually see masquerading as such.

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